It's a long road and familiarity breeds contempt...

A whole year? How does that happen? I never meant to take a year off from blogging. It was really something I enjoyed. I just got busy at work and life happened. That's how these things go, I suppose. Well, I'm back for the new year. No promises, but I plan to make an effort to be present consistently. Most of these days are filled with Thomas the Train and developing Fall 2013 t-shirt lines. I'm struggling with finding my own voice in my personal life so I'm hoping that I can keep creating a space all my own here and reclaim some part of myself I don't feel in control of. Personally, I found it very easy to lose my sense of self once becoming a mom. You naturally want to give all of yourself to your children and finding that balance between nurturing and crazy train isn't something I find comes naturally. There's a lot of guilt that surrounds working and also taking time for yourself. What amount of time is right to keep your sanity and also give your children what they need? Seriously, any advice on balance would be appreciated.  That being said, here are a couple of songs that I've dove into like a cold pool recently. They refresh and make me feel something, which after 10 hour days of giving myself completely over to the needs of clients, is amazing. Some days you just don't have anything left to give.

Apparently this is a Miranda Lambert song. I dunno, I listened to the original and it's not my thing. I think this version has just enough twang and soul to make it relevant to me.

Next up is a Leonard Cohen- Feist cover from the indie movie Take This Waltz. First off, anyone who has been married more than 5 years should watch this movie. It's so true to life. It gets in your head and sits heavily, streaking neon with it's depiction of the loneliness that familiarity inevitably brings. It also closes with a good morality lesson. Gotta love that. The song is out of this world good. Really. Play it over and over good. I wish they had released it as part of the soundtrack, but instead I'll have to be content with this:

This one was wordy. Hopefully you stuck through it with me.

Here's to a Happy New Year! May 2013 bring you balance, peace, and a healthy appreciation for what's right in front of your face.

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