Checking in on my resolutions

So, I have not gotten close to hitting my resolution for blogging this year. I always mean to do it with regularity, but life gets in the way. This blog is more of a 6 year project in futility anyways.

I kid. Sort of.

I have been honing my Photoshop skillz though. I've been toiling away as an Apparel Product Developer for about 8 years. Graphic Apparel is my bread and butter. For about that long I've wanted to take it the extra step and learn designing for print myself. I have long term goals of working freelance to free up time to have a second baby and in general, create a living more on my own terms. My degree is in Apparel Design and I haven't been entirely happy having so much of my focus on the business and sales side of the industry.

That being said I've been working independently through classes on SkillShare. If you've never stumbled across the site, it's a wonderful resource for online classes in all kinds of subjects ranging from Photoshop to Toy Design. I highly recommend it.

I'm currently taking Introduction to Photoshop: Fundementals for Beginners taught by Meg Lewis of Ghostly Ferns. She's a really good teacher and I have learned tons of foundation skills from her videos. I highly recommend it.

Anyways, on to the eye candy. I'm pretty proud of these even if they are elementary. I'm as slow as a turtle riding a sloth so these took a lot of time. I'm trying to crank more and more of them out to really expand on what I've learned.


Star Crotched Lovers

Sometimes my own titles tickle the crap out of me. So...between the t-shirt hamster wheel and juggling a potty training toddler I somehow worked in a craft project. I only almost burned down my workplace in the process. Go me!

Industrial heat presses = no joke
Home irons= where it's at

I've done heat transfers a million times. Straight out of college I even worked as a seamstress for a company that had a contract with the police department, heat sealing and sewing their embroidered patches on uniforms. It may have been my over confidence that set me up for a fall though. I adjusted the temp and timing to match the instructions for my particular heat seal material, but completely forgot about the pressure. OH, the pressure!

I pulled down that machine arm, waited my ten seconds to get a good grip, and then the panic set in as the smoke began to billow. No matter how hard I pulled the arm would not come back up. I luckily had the self- preservation to hit the power switch immediately and with the Teflon cover there was minimal scorching, but man that could have been bad. Why are you unemployed Miss? 'Oh, I burned down my place of employment to put stars on the crotch of a pair of pants. Feed me?'

Luckily the pants were freebies so if they had died a fiery death it wouldn't have been the end of the world. Just the end of gainful employment. I received them as salesman sample to test for one of our top vendors and if I had ruined them it wouldn't have been a horrible loss. Now that I've worn them I'm glad I didn't ruin them though. They are the Canvas 3737 fleece scrunch pants and feel like buttah. I've seriously worn them to sleep in every night since my showdown with the Heatpress from Hell.

My inspiration was both the Givenchy drop crotch sweatpants below (can't find the link to credit) and the inspired version from First Class Clothing. I'd support the indie, but $60 for sweatpants isn't really in the budget. Plus, I'm crafty that way and it's always more fulfilling to make than buy, if you can. Maybe it's just me. I'm cheap.

Placement was just eyeballed and the stars were actually cut out from old vendor heat seal samples. That's why they are marbled. I kind of like how the white parts of the stars visually sink into the sport grey heather of the pants. Gives my version a unique look. If you don't have anything on hand to use, Ebay is a good source for heat seal material that can be applied with your home iron. For about $17 you can buy a whole roll.

Since I eyeballed my proportions the stars I made are much smaller than the FCC pants. I have to say I like theirs better, but as a 30 year old mom maybe less noticeable crotch stars are on the more acceptable side of inappropriate?

Anyways, here's the finished product for review. Not sure if I'll gutsy up and wear them in the light of day, but as comfortable as these pants are they may make a showing at a Publix run or two.


Meaning of Community

The sister of a childhood friend of mine was recently brutally attacked, but managed to escape. Her story is harrowing and her strength is inspiring. She has a long road of recovery ahead of here and without insurance it has been very difficult to find a rehabilitation center that will take her. If there's anything you can do at all please help.  


Hat Sparkle POW

New project progress. Tutorial to follow.

Lazy Sunday

Little A's creativity corner. I try to hang his artwork and other things that catch his eye. Thomas is prominently featured, obviously.


New Year, New Mind Games?

With myself, that is. It's mental warfare up in here and there can only be one Highlander. Wait, what?

Seriously though, I'm a huge list maker. It helps me focus and even though I don't always get items crossed off within a reasonable amount of time, I still find writing out my goals to be a big help in achieving them.

Last year, the hubs, 'J' and I made a bunch of goals for last year that were really specific and we hit every single one. At the time we thought it was too much, but down on the chalkboard in my kitchen they went.

Hitting all of those goals helped me make big strides in being able to work on more abstract/internal/emotional things this year. Last year's list included things like get J into school, start little A at preschool (after 2 years at home), get both cars into a shop, sell property we own, and find homes for two doggies we were emotionally attached to. That's a lot different than this year's initial list of get door mats, towels, and a veggie spiraler. Yay for getting big ticket shit done and making time for things that make me happy.

This year's list is much more introspective. It's the year of peaceful mental warfare (stay with me here). I really want to focus on doing things that make me happy. Set goals and make changes. This blog is one of those things. Yes, I've said it before, but I really mean it this time. It's on a list after all!

Here is The List as of 1/2/14:

*Take a Skillshare class once a month. Want to join me? We both get credit if you sign up using this link. I'll post reviews of classes as I take them. I always loved school. I certainly love my pjs. I imagine something lovely and magical happens when you combine the two.     
*Keep working on weight loss and general health (low pressure here). I did food allergy testing this year, because my brain was on the fritz. I would make it half way through a sentence and forget what I was going to say to finish it. As a result I would stutter and fumble my way through conversations to the point it was getting really embarrassing. It was gradually getting worse too. Through testing, I found out I have a dairy, egg, and wheat (without gluten) allergy, among other things. Since those two things are in 90% of the food I was eating its no wonder I was having issues. I plan on sharing my journey into cutting out those foods by posting recipes, along with the ups and downs of which I'm sure there will be plenty. 

*HAVE MORE FUN! I’m really going to work on not letting the past define my future and freaking making the mundane more fun- I take myself too seriously and one day I’m going to die and look back and have squandered my life all bunched up inside, caring too much what people think. 

*Be more open to people, situations, and opportunities. As an introvert, I usually turn inside and brace for impact every time I leave the house. It's no way to live. I want to be more present in the moment and learn to be more open to people. Letting the good in with the bad.

*Work on creative projects that have been on the back burner. Having a 2.5 year old, there have been a lot of things put on hold the last couple of years. There's never enough time and when there is time usually I'm cleaning, sleeping, or scrolling through Feedly reading about other people being creative. I want to reconnect to those things that bring me a lot of joy and help with self worth. I need to find a way to get back to making myself a priority. My biggest focus will be this blog. I've had dreams of making it into something to be proud of for a while, but I've lacked the focus I needed. I have a plan and it comes equipped with a game face.

If you've made it this far you're good people and I'd love to hear from you. Do you have anything on your list? Please share if you do. I would love to hear. The realer and more raw the better. Here's to gentle war games in 2014 and a better me!

-Image of 2014's color of the year from


Jingle all the way?

Sicker than we've ever been and busy to boot, but there's never a dull moment.

Happy holidays. May your handmade reindeer mask holiday cards bring smiles and not tears.

Ps. Chicago is cold as balls. Why do people choose to live there?

Florida kid forever!


It's a long road and familiarity breeds contempt...

A whole year? How does that happen? I never meant to take a year off from blogging. It was really something I enjoyed. I just got busy at work and life happened. That's how these things go, I suppose. Well, I'm back for the new year. No promises, but I plan to make an effort to be present consistently. Most of these days are filled with Thomas the Train and developing Fall 2013 t-shirt lines. I'm struggling with finding my own voice in my personal life so I'm hoping that I can keep creating a space all my own here and reclaim some part of myself I don't feel in control of. Personally, I found it very easy to lose my sense of self once becoming a mom. You naturally want to give all of yourself to your children and finding that balance between nurturing and crazy train isn't something I find comes naturally. There's a lot of guilt that surrounds working and also taking time for yourself. What amount of time is right to keep your sanity and also give your children what they need? Seriously, any advice on balance would be appreciated.  That being said, here are a couple of songs that I've dove into like a cold pool recently. They refresh and make me feel something, which after 10 hour days of giving myself completely over to the needs of clients, is amazing. Some days you just don't have anything left to give.

Apparently this is a Miranda Lambert song. I dunno, I listened to the original and it's not my thing. I think this version has just enough twang and soul to make it relevant to me.

Next up is a Leonard Cohen- Feist cover from the indie movie Take This Waltz. First off, anyone who has been married more than 5 years should watch this movie. It's so true to life. It gets in your head and sits heavily, streaking neon with it's depiction of the loneliness that familiarity inevitably brings. It also closes with a good morality lesson. Gotta love that. The song is out of this world good. Really. Play it over and over good. I wish they had released it as part of the soundtrack, but instead I'll have to be content with this:

This one was wordy. Hopefully you stuck through it with me.

Here's to a Happy New Year! May 2013 bring you balance, peace, and a healthy appreciation for what's right in front of your face.


open to change

Work has been insane recently. There has been trend shopping, garment imports that won't quit, industry expos (Surf)...

I'm trying to keep it together, but I'm starting to run a little low. Regrettably, there isn't anything exciting on the horizon. I think I need a new project that falls on the side of fun and not work. Any ideas?

Coworkers= awesomesauce!

Love this backpack:

Old screens used as wall art:

Gratuitous Little A shot:


a little bit of play

Work feels like it has been non-stop lately. I'll post properly this weekend with pictures of all the going ons. First, though... a little bit of play thrown in. Goodness knows I love me some giraffes. Especially warm fuzzy inducing babies!

These were taken at the Brevard Zoo.

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